George Lilanga

is an artist, born in 1934 in Maasi, Tanzania and passed away in June 2005. Originally from the highlands of Makonde, bordering Tanzania and Mozambique. He began his career as a sculptor in 1961 in Lindi, in the region of hometown.

This region is known for its dances, related to initiation rituals and for its sculpture tradition. This culture spreads a strong social message and leans on caricature. As an example, the sculptures often express a range of emotions from humor to anxiety.

In 1972, George Lilanga moved to Dar es Salaam. The following year, he created an artistic center with other artists, where one teaches drawing, engraving and lithography. In 1980, due to the influence of Tingatinga school, he began producing paintings of very colorful animals.

George Lilanga is known as the "Picasso of Africa" and draws inspiration from these traditions, he recreates them in a contemporary context. His compositions make an impact on peoples' minds and he is famous all around the world. He has exhibited in several countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Austria, Japan, France, UK, Senegal and Italy to name a few. He mainly exhibited in prestigious museums like Centre Pompidou and Guggenheim Bilbao.