Angelo Pioppo

is a promising French artist successfully emerging in the international contemporary art world. He has created a very personal visual identity enriched of exotic elements that he gathered during his long journeys in Mauritanian Sahara, South Africa, Cuba and United States.

He is currently working on the "Angelo's Cans" series named after the iconic "Campbell's Soup Can" by Andy Warhol. This work explores themes and issues of our contemporary times using the French Situationist method of "détournement". This artistic approach also refers to the appropriationist movement of the 1980's, a book project gathering different posters is currently underway.

Angelo Pioppo studied photography and afterwards specialized in art history at the Ecole du Louvre in 2015. He has already done many exhibitions, mainly in France but also around the globe and he has recently been received at the Taylor Foundation for artists.