Frédérique Bruly Bouabré

was an Ivorian artist and poet, he was the inventor of a unique African writing to save from oblivion the culture of the Beté people. He created a complete alphabet consisting of 440 monosyllabic pictograms that he illustrated on small cartolin cards. Using this writing he transcribed the tales and mythology of his people.

His poetic research was published in 1958 in Notes Africaines, in which Théodore Monod presents a long study on the Bété Alphabet. Brought together under the title "Knowledge of the World", his work consists of numerous series of drawings which over the years have constituted a true cosmogony.

These thousands of drawings made day after day since the 1950’s reflect his immense curiosity, his African roots, his encyclopedic ideal. His works are rare and highly collectable, they are exhibited in large collections and museums, notably at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the Mamco in Geneva...